Problems and solutions summary
Huge unfulfilled demand for games with gambling features
9Tails combines video gaming and gambling and focuses on both markets equally and simultaneously
Slow digitalization of billion-dollar dog racing market
9Tails brings the latest technologies and implements them in a way that solves the main industry issues
Lack of transparency, safety, and privacy
Decentralized solutions guarantee transparency, fairness, privacy and safety
Illegal commercial greyhound racing
Virtual, safe, enhanced dog racing platform
Lack of ownership and uniqueness in video gaming, gambling, and dog betting markets
NFT takes ownership and uniqueness to the ultimate level
Dull and predictable gameplay (especially in the gambling industry)
Genetic Algorithm and A.I. technology brings never-before-seen gambling and gaming experiences
Gambling and gaming are focused on player losses
9Tails is focused on growing and earning with the player base by providing a multitude of ways for players to earn actual profit
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