Solutions proposed

9Tails fulfills the huge demand in 3 separate multi-billion-dollar markets

With the lack of games and gambling crossovers, slow digitalization of the animal racing market and banning of commercial greyhound racing, 9Tails finds it's spot in the newly-created huge niche, by providing a platform with modern graphics, fully decentralized, 100% fair, transparent, private and safe for breeding and racing dogs.

The first decentralized, blockchain-based, dog racing platform

9Tails connects people around the world where dog racing is illegal in a single, player-friendly platform, where users can join or host races in their own tracks for profit.
By the use of A.I. and M.L. powered algorithm, 9Tails creates unpredictability and enables endless possibilities to outcomes of player actions.
9Tails utilizes smart contracts to store ownership and will be tracked using Ethereum blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens. All dog data will also be stored in a smart contract. Since all 9Tails dogs are tokens that live in the blockchain, they can be purchased, sold and used in game digitally, with a guarantee of ownership.
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